If you visit a running shoe store, you must be familiar with the shoe insoles. Every time we try new shoes, the store employees put some run insoles in them, and they explain the benefits you can experience while using them. But most people needed clarification about why they would need to spend extra bucks on the running insoles. People wonder, are not the insoles that come with new shoes enough?

The custom RUNPRO Insoles bring many benefits for the athletes, including enhanced performance, speed, and endurance and preventing injuries during running and workout sessions. Maintaining proper body biomechanics is critical for any athlete or fitness activities, including feet. Footwork movements are crucial for every sports athlete, including runners, joggers, weightlifters, or other sportspeople.

However, running, jogging, or even walking can be difficult if you have problems in your feet, such as high arches, flat feet, foot deformity, heel pain, or foot pain. That is where a custom insole comes into play to enhance the performance of the human foot and lower leg; these two perform extraordinarily complex and unique activities. This blog will clarify the need for custom insoles compared to regular insoles.

Why should you consider changing your insoles?

The custom insoles are a great alternative to those sponge-foam liners to improve performance and comfort over the long haul. The insoles that come with the running shoes are inexpensive, and those sock liners are not designed to counter various problems with your foot. 

A comfortable insole helps the body maintain the preferred movement pattern, reducing the risk of injuries. These insoles prevent further health issues caused by aching feet, improper posture, and painful joints. They do not provide additional support to our feet during physical activities and lack durability. The top reason to choose an insole will be comfortable as your feet need much-needed rest during a tiring day.

How To Choose the Right Insole?

The selection of a custom insole depends on the issue you are feeling in your feet. Consider an insole specifically designed for the problem you are having with your feet. These insoles can make your shoes comfortable to wear. 

Benefits of custom insoles for athletes

1. Enhanced Performance 

Each sport requires particular shoes, whether cleats for soccer, running shoes for athletes, or ice skates for hockey. These products are designed for specific sports to match the requirements of that sport. But most of these products are produced for generic use. 

Custom insoles can help athletes absorb shock, reduce fatigue, improve comfort, and reduce injury risk. All these benefits help in improving an athlete's overall performance. A perfectly designed insole can help you maintain a posture while running, leading to better performance.

2. Relieve pain

Sporting events and pains are synonyms for each other as sports are very physically demanding. They are known to take a toll on the feet and ankles of athletes. It is common for most athletes to feel foot pain, which can reach an unbearable level in case of injuries.

Insoles help distribute your weight properly and equally, relieving pain. It might help align your bones, muscles, and tendons to reduce the stress from the most injury-prone areas. Wearing custom insoles could also help you if you have the following problems:

  • Bursitis
  • Flat feet
  • Low arches
  • Fracture
  • Sprained ankle
  • Tendinitis
  • Plantar fasciitis

3. Stronger body movement

Your feet' movements directly impact the entire body movements as feet are the foundation of our body. A strong foundation can reduce the suffering of the whole body. Feet problems can cause misalignments in the body. Resolving issues with your feet can deal with all these problems and help you build strong body movements. It also supports vital joints and muscles in your lower and upper back. 

4. Healthy lifestyle

It is challenging for people to move, work out, and enjoy other activities if they suffer from Chronic foot pain. A custom insole can make you comfortable performing physical activities that eventually help you marinate a healthy lifestyle.

During participation in sports activities, our feet take a lot of pressure, and that leads to various problems which can make our life miserable. It is an excellent option to invest in Runpro insoles for running shoes is an excellent option to release pressure from your feet.

Important FAQs

Should you wear insoles all the time?

Yes, you can wear custom insole all the time. But make sure you wear them during physical activities.

Can insoles cause problems?

If you use an insole as per your requirements, then it will solve various issues related to your feet.

How many inches do insoles add?

The insoles can add an extra height of 1.5-2 inches.

Are hard or soft insoles better?

You can use hard insoles if you need firm support in your feet. And to take off the pressure of your foot, you can choose a soft insole.